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SPOT-ON, The perfect Fundraiser!

If you’ve ever put on an event you know that guessing how many shirts (hats, sweatshirts, etc.) you’ll need is a tough one! You want to order as many as you will possibly need so that you don’t run out (and get the best price), BUT not have a ton left over, right? And, if you’re hoping to hear back in advance how many of each size you’ll need.... well, good luck...

We totally get that! And we can help!

Introducing SPOT ON Event Printing!

We bring shirts in a variety of sizes, and print on-site, the day of your event.

• No leftovers
• No initial costs - work with us on the event design, and we’ll take it from there
• We bring the sales staff and production crew - just tell us where to set up
• Custom Printing Available - Names, Numbers, Design Variations
• Full Color or one color printing
• No gathering orders, sizes or payments in advance
• We return of a portion of the event proceeds directly back to your organization
• We retain the artwork for additional orders if needed

For more information, give us a quick call at 866.882.2123, or email using the contact form on this page.

Click here to schedule SPOT ON for your upcoming event.

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