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Is it time to upgrade your company clothing?

Corporate logowear gives your employees the professional appearance to promote your business. Good logowear makes your employees feel like a team, fosters a sense of pride in their work, trust in your services, and a consistent professional message to your customers.

From polos to button down business casual, jackets, chef coats, hats, scrubs, and even safety wear, High Desert can help you with logowwear for all occupations. Leverage our expertise to make the right choices for your team.

Is your team growing?

Ask about custom online ordering for your company. We can take care of all of the ordering and fulfillment for your entire team. Visit our showroom on the corner of Klamath and 11th Street for ideas to fit the client experience your company is looking for. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, just fill out the simple contact form and we will have appropriate samples ready for you.

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