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High Desert is a family owned Promotion Agency specializing in logo development and recognition through the use of Embroidery, Direct-To-Garment, Screen Printing and Advertising specialty items.

High Desert has the tools to increase visibility and top of mind recognition for your business.

Effective promotional products provide an avenue for “word of Mouth” marketing. Custom and personalized promotional items keep your marketing “in hand”, on desks, and at the ready, which means a longer shelf life than a paper brochure, your business card, or even your website.

When you pay for traditional advertising—say, a newspaper ad—the life of the message ends when the paper is read and recycled.... consider 3 dimensional advertising with staying power for your next campaign!

High Desert has perfected the Fundraiser!

If you’re tired of hit and miss fundraisers that no one can sell, or that make your group little to no profit; knock it out of the park with custom products that show pride in your organization, are useful, affordable AND profitable. We can help! And fortunately, it’s easier than you think.

Browse the online store, or give us a call for expert advice. We want you to get the BEST use of your advertising budget.

Effective Promo Products

The Perfect Fund Raiser!

Team Wear


Quite Possibly the world's
PERFECT Fund Raiser!

SPOT ON Printing allows you to earn profit free and clear with:
 NO leftovers you can't sell = No risk or initial inventory cost.
 NO turning your valued Volunteers into salespeople.
 Highly sought after CUSTOM cababilities - right on site.
 From design to delivery, we take care of everything!

Call 866.882.2123 to book SPOT ON for your next event!


The Facts: Promotional Products Work!

Marketing, at its core, is simple – you promote it, they buy it. How you execute your promotion is where it gets a little tricky... A recent study however by Promotional Products Association International suggests you consider focusing on one marketing channel in particular

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